The speed of high onset: Instant and intense.

Duration of high: Long lasting, 3-6 hours depending on amount consumed.

Appearance: Dense, frost green bugs with purple streaks. When broken up, a lot more pink/purple shows from inside and it becomes extremely colorful.

Strain Name: Prayer Pupil   

Breeder: Mass Medical Strains

Height: Medium

Weight (yield): High Yielding

Flowering time in days: 63

Ratio: 75% Sativa

Taste: Tastes much like it smells. Lavender hashy and soapy like a hippie bluebell soap!

Duration of high: Long lasting, 3-6 hours depending on amount consumed.

Quality/type of high: All-encompassing psychedelic vibe. Not for beginner tokers. Very enjoyable and full experience. Unique feel.

Medicinal qualities: Anti-depressive. Energizing, euphoric. A classic example of the MMS vibe – cannabis with truly unique effects and feelings.


Prayer Pupil is some of the strongest weed there is, testing up to 33% thc and providing an incredible otherworldly psychedelic high. It has an amazing flavor: hashy, lavender, creamy, bluebell soap, absolutely delicious and hard not to overindulge. Many users report closed eye visuals and creative thoughts, heightened emotions, and a trippy vibe overall. This flower can be super euphoric, happy, and provide long lasting positivity. In small amounts it is great for daytime and focus with enthusiasm. At night it can keep you up for many hours in another universe. Flowers are mostly green with purple streaks throughout, very dense and frosty.