Annunaki Genetics- Stop The Car (F) W/Strawberry Soda Freebie


12 (F) Seeds Per Pack W/Strawberry Soda Freebie

Lineage: Pink LemonAid #2 (Lemon Cheesecake x Huckleberry Hound) x White IX

Flowering Time: 56-65 Days

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Pink LemonAid #2 x White IX

Mother: Pink LemonAid #2 is the cannabis variety that put us on the map! The parents of this cross: Lemon Cheesecake and Huckleberry Hound are exceptional strains on their own, and their chromosomes combined wonderfully to create this uniquely special cross. Even a casual glance at the resin-covered, bright solid pink buds begs a second look. Typically, what a strain gains in color it tends to lose in potency, but not with this one! Potency test results commonly come in the high 20s, and have even reached 30% cannabinoids. It’s easily one of the most resinous colorful strains out there, and when given a choice between bright pink buds or green ones, most individuals will leap for the bright pink ones. It’s just too hard to resist when the flowers resemble raspberries rolled in powdered sugar… Pink LemonAid #2 is one of our favorite midday strains as it imparts a creative and mind-expanding high without the heavy come-down. We’ve heard it said many times that PL2 is the prettiest strain in the garden, and we have to humbly agree- it is! It’s no wonder it’s in our top 5 favorite cannabis cultivars of all time.

‘Father’/mother: White IX, the female pollen-donor of this cross, was bred by Cannarado many years ago. We found this phenotype from seed 4 or 5 years ago ourselves and she’s been a garden stand-out ever since. The fact that we chose her for our very first feminized seed release says a lot! During our very first run though we weren’t quite sure about her because she seemed to grow kinda slow during the vegetative cycle and in flower too, but during weeks 6 through 9 she really put on quite the performance, more than compensating for the shortcomings we thought she might’ve had! We were quick to judge and she showed us just how quick she can stack fat buds on those stocky branches of hers. The flowers will continue to swell until they topple over, paying no mind to the support stakes tied to them. The leaves generally remain dark green and canoe-upwards because of the resin-rails that encrust the edges of the leaves. The flowers are dense and heavy. And what about the aroma? She has a loud, deep, dank, pine-skunk, acetone nose… the one that so many folks are fond of these days. The thing that is so special about her though is that unlike many OGs or Cookie varietals that grow tall and lanky, this lady keeps to herself, staying on the shorter, more compact side throughout her life, which we love. Her many highly desirable traits really shine through in this feminized cross.

With the stench from the White IX, the vivid pink from the Pink LemonAid side, and the extreme resin coming from both parents this plant will be noticed from afar…. whether you’re cruising down city streets or speeding up the freeway, anybody who has just seen it sure to yell, ‘Stop the car!”

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