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10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

LEMON LAVA DROPS – ( RugBurn OG x Face On Fire )
VEG Info: Initiate training early and often to build a bushier strusture. Tends to be a grow at its own pace in VEG but ramps up as they build their root mass. allow a few extra days at each stage in VEG to build a larger rootmass between transplants. It is NOT a heavy feeder. You can take it easy on them.
Flowering Info: Be sure to provide addiquite support from day 1 of the flower period. A SCROG net or tall tomato cage is manditory! Use a standard-light feeding schedule.
Flowering Streach: Expect 50-60%
Flowering Period: 65-70 Days

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Flavor Profiles: Lemon Pine Sol cleaner, Gas, Pine Tree.
Many of the plants will express this same pine sol cleaner type terpene. It is dominate in the best of ways.
Strain Description: This one is for you all you OG lovers. We took our RugBurn OG mother and decided to put more OG on it. Our hope was to draw out the delicious Lemon Pine Sol cleaner terpene profile from The RugBurn mother and add some additional gas and skunk from the Face on Fire male. To our delight we hit it right on the nose. It has added a nice new twist on things. structure on the finished flowers take on a pointed & knuckled up grenade shape. Truely a delicious lip smacking good treat for your taste buds and mind. Flavors that sticks to the teeth. Keepers in every pack.
Medical uses: Great for a daytime relief of anxioty, helps relax the mind and body. Great for an afternoon next to the pool or relaxing after work. Makes a good social strain due to its over the top flavors that are worth talking about as you enduldge. After meal relaxant. May be helpful for those gloomy depressed days or when you need to ease your mind. Perfect for taking a sunday drive or listening to music.
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